Monday, January 7, 2008

Felt it ??

I smiled.
Thinking of nothing, I simply smiled
Not withstanding a cheer, nothing to hide
A feeling of happiness rising, slowly, deep within
Absolute silence, pure, sweet, none of the din

I blushed.
For no reason, I just blushed
All my woes, worries, down flushed
Nonchalant, I was, looking nowhere
Breathing softly, smelling the very air

I blinked.
Wondering at myself, I dreamily blinked
Through my mind, my heart, the feeling linked
My body and soul, to a dimension so other
To hold them, no bound, no rope, no tether

I felt.
As my lips curled, I slowly felt
As I gave away, my existence knelt
Before that force, so strong, yet unknown
But still called, chided, as a word commonly known

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hiss.. Hiss..
A slither, a kiss
As he crept, underneath that silver
Wind rushing, sober and over
An endless seam of leaves and light
A squeal, a swoosh, the owl took flight
And there beneath the tree, she waited
With her poise, breath bated
She shone, dark, soft, slimy
Gasped, stunned by her beauty was he
And swiftly, quickened his pace
Struck by her looks, her grace
Overcoming every leaf, every sliver
He would, wait, gasp and slither
And to end that endless wait
He stood, hood spread, at her gate
She saw, her eyes gleamed, hissed
Stoned was he, for he missed
Her sense, angst, as late he was
She turned, delved without a pause
Into their haven, below the tree
He was alone, in this hour of wee
And as unexpected would it seem
Not in thoughts, not in dream
Came from nowhere, a mighty kite
Pricked him, and took another flight
Caught in the midst of toxic love and shock
He fumbled, fret, but found no way to flock
His strength, his will, for he was blown
By this force so evil, so unknown
And as his breath slowed, as the blood drained
The wind went still, he went still, earth stained
Then she came, with forgiveness in her eyes
They turned red, boiling, spotting where he lies
Bloodshot, she fumed, her fork unstable
Sparkled her fangs, control herself, she wasn’t able
For a moment, it seemed, everything froze
And then she leapt, as her anger rose
So did the kite, and leaped down mid flight
Pecked on her, to her left, to her right
She waited for this, for she was ready
Took her moment, when the kite was unsteady
Flicked her tongue, and pierced her fangs in
Screeched into the night, paying for his sin
The kite smote her more, in all, in his rage
And tumbled to a side, concluding his age
Could not live for more, not even a moment
And she remained, mortally wound, to lament
She picked up all she was, all she could
Wished to love him more, oh how she would
Slithered down the strains, her blood dropped on his
She calmed down on him, perfecting a simple bliss
To die with him, him, whom she loved
She lay on him, all bruised, all roughed
And again as wind blew, on this night of Nov
Lay there, two long beings, bound by their love

Monday, December 10, 2007

Trekking into sedentary lives : Volume 1

6:30 on a winter morning, the time one loves the most to be cuddled up beneath layers of wool and sheet. The time, when nothing can actually shake you off that cozy and warm comfort. Well, not exactly nothing. The irritating ring of your cell phone surely does.

Too much of exaggeration there and I forgive myself for the same. Continuing on my tale of our day-long endeavor, it was Uma’s call that woke me up from my winter morning dream. Time to get ready.7:00 AM and we are in an auto rushing through the unexpected chill in Pune towards our next team member (Emily), hampering down on our cell phones trying to reach out to our other team member (Ayan), who in fact, was blissfully unaware of our state.

Not torturing you through with how who met whom at what time and blah blah blah, we all were boarded on the 8:00 AM Local to Lonavla as they would call it. Hmm…Local trains… Whatt-a-charm…. Guess not.

As they say, Indians are the greatest consultants in the world, who never stop giving endless advises and solutions to others’ problems in spite of themselves drowning deep down in worries of unlimited extent. And if they don’t say, hmm..., I do. But for this very nature of a fellow traveler that our day turned out to be not at all what we expected. (Not that we had any expectations at all). Well, as he said, “ I work in Lonavla, why the hell are you going there at this point of time. All you’ll get is chikkis. And nothing that one would otherwise go to Lonavla for. Better go to Malavali.” Well, reluctant initially, we did start listening to him though. And as he explained, Malavli was the station before Lonavla where you have a choice to go to two different caves – the Bhaje & the Karla. And so we drastically reformed our plan, dropped out of the train at Malavli, crossed over atop the Mumbai-Pune-expressway and started off towards the Bhaje Caves.

With a 2km trailing road, hardly a few houses and less than 10-15 folks coming in our way, we reached the base and started our climb. Mind you, I had not climbed even a hillock, leave a mountain, for the past 4-5 years. And after the wonderful food and sedentary life for the last 6 months, this indeed, was a BREAK.

Not counting the ‘n’ number of times we stopped while climbing up, we stopped for the tickets with the wonderful notice of … ahem… preferential treatment for being an Indian.

Anyways, so walking, climbing, sitting, waiting, drinking, huffing, gasping, awing, and loafing, we finally reached the Bhaje Caves.

All this while we thought it was called the Buddha Leni. Whereas it is now that I come to know that it is not simply Leni but Pandavleni Caves - a group of about 20 caves in this region, that is central Maharashtra. Well, some history lesson.

Carrying forward with my story, my journey rather, what we saw in t

he Bhaje caves was beauty. Beauty, silent and serene and stoned in… Sorry, my mistake, stoned out into our eyes, out of the mountain rocks, speaking a story, speaking about a time, over 2000 years ago. The moment we looked at the caves, we were struck by their beauty, their intricacy and their logic. They were not just some structures but were built with a purpose. And we kept trying to look into them and give reasoning to the way they had been built. A set of rooms, perfectly matching our hostel rooms, with stone bed, stone shelf and a place in the wall to keep a lamp. Water tanks etched out of the mountains on the outer walls of the caves suggested of the efficient engineering skills that the workers would have had then. Who could believe that the way those tanks had been carved was to trap the water flowing over the rocks in a way that it provided for minimum evaporation thus storing the water.

And what we had to our back was a scene worth reminiscing. A grand view of a land dotted with mountains and ranges. And then the path ahead to Karla….

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wish it'd be true

The sun, moon and stars, they sway
As they come, in my way
My way across the multi-verses
To find love and caress
As i fly, from my abode
No wish to stop on this tiring road
Wind, unwind across the seas
Of Solar dust and bliss
And then i open my sleepy eyes
To her face, there she lies
That lovely face, so round n soft
Pure, light aloft
I think and i pray as i see
For this lovely gift, to the almighty
No thing, no wish could compare in price
So sweet and nice
I look at you, and bother not
All my fears, tears forgot
With you i feel, I am free
Ma, be with me
To picture you, and sing this song
Feel the rhythm ,and sing it along
Wish, i'd freeze this moment with you
Be it true

I saw Beowulf a day before, listened to those songs in that movie - Gently As She Goes and A Hero Comes Home - was too much for me to get inspired and write for my mom.. :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

To fly, free and me...

All I need is to be free,
Soaring through the worlds on a flying spree
Flapping my tiny little wings
Facing all the winds' mood swings
Hiding between the green and yellow
Grasslands and forests, both deep and shallow
And swiftly brush against the wet moss dew
Be happy being one of those few
To know what is true and real
To know how it would feel
All I need is to be me
Not the tiniest of dirt to see
Feel myself, feel true, feel pure
Treasure every smile, for sure
Disregard and fight every tear
Move over the moments i fear
Feel safe, feel firm, feel strong
Do no bad, no wrong
And let the good flow through me
Let myself be what i'd be

Sunday, October 21, 2007

LOVE !!!

Do you think
Is love a crime
Whilst we all
Perform a mime
When mouths are shut
And eyes do speak
And feelings are not
Weak and bleak
In this state
Of higher being
We do laugh
And we do sing
We do care
And we do bear
And in all hopes
We do swear
To behold the spark
From the start
That’s kindled
In our heart
Love is serene
Love is pure
Love is above all
That’s for sure
Then why on earth
Do we have to fear
About things that are
Far from dear
Things of hatred
That come to war
With the forces of love
And to mar
A world so fine
A world so nice
A world devoid of
All malice
The world of love
As I see
So soft so smooth
And so free
Where we speak
But use no words
Where we think
Only of Gods
Of Goddesses
Who share the power
To love the beings
And to shower
Love unperturbed
Love undivided
Love so strong
Love unchided
The world of beauty
The world of joy
Where everyone’s free
Free of all coy
The touch of tenderness
That sends a shock
That causes lovers
To love and flock
A kiss so sweet
A blush so lame
Beloved’s delight
And a lover’s aim
And dare I say
As people would
It’s infatuation
Not to be rude
But they’re wrong
All of them
They don’t know
That love’s a gem
That’s been from the
Past and the ages
That’s been worshipped
By saints and sages
That stands in itself
Even today
To fight them all
In its way
They who don’t know
What it is
The source of joy
The source of bliss
When one’s not
What is one
But in fact
It is someone
Else who gains
Superiority over us
Selflessly we care for
And it is thus
We’re not ourselves
Not anymore
For we love someone
From our core
Our heart is fast
And pulse is slow
Where body is slump
And fast is mind’s flow
As it is love
Maybe sometimes blind
And that is what
Affects our kind
We’re not focused
At times I see
That comes to the
Haters’ glee
This is not what
Is my wish
Let the wind
Come with a swish
Let the nature
Find its way
We have to love
And them to pay
For their deeds
They’ve done
We’ll live and love for
That war would’ve been won

And thus would have been established the KINGDOM OF LOVE in all its sense and genuinity………

My Family....

In the sun, in the stars

On Saturn and on Mars

As I glide and as I go

With the sweep, with the flow

Through the white, through the dark

With remorse and with a spark

Of a never ending hope

With a dream, with a scope

Of getting what I yearn

To receive and to learn

The source of the good

Of the mind and its food

That the cosmos has inspired

The fire that has been fired

That glows amidst all gloom

For the flowers of life to bloom

And I get and yes I get

In the joy not do I fret

For its amazing what I see

In this world what a family?

Where diversity acclaimed, is of its members

Who burn and glow like the embers

Spreading the fire of love and joy

Bereft of harshness and of coy

To carry the torch of gaiety, aflame

And I know they’re all the fame